Will you watch this movie?


  1. Soumitra Mondal

    Time to save money and crap the shit, would prefer Hollywood instead

  2. Dhruv

    Please don’t boycott this movie as Sidhant Chaturvedi is also in it. I am a huge fan of him and he has worked very hard. The score of this movie should be around 50% and coolie no. 1’s score should more (around 95%).What you guys are doing is good but I think it should be about good or bad not whose son is who. There are so many actors like Ishan Khattar and John David Washington(son of Denzel Washington) who despite of being from acting backgrounds act so good. But in India Ishan khattar is the only actor who is good,the rest of the nepotistic products act really bad.Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter is struggling really hard. She is the first non white actor to play juliet in a play in London.On the other hand actors like Tiger Shroff and Sonakshi Sinha are still getting massive support. So please act on deserving and non deserving rather than filmy and non filmy.

    • Asha

      Will never watch

    • Justice 4SSR

      ‪BTW, Siddhant Chaturvedi’s father is Karan Johar’s CA‬

  3. Siddharth

    Nepotistic hai ya nahi wo sab baad ki baat hai, pehle koi ye batao ki ye budhau (Saif) kab tak filmo me kaam karte rahenge?
    Producers aur Directors alag gadhe hain jinhe ye nahi samajh aa raha ki public naye chehre dekhna chahti hai, range hue baalon walo chutiye buddhe nahi!

  4. Hanna

    By boycotting these nepotistic mafia affiliated films we will see real change in the industry. Producers will have no other choice but to select outsiders for their films. We the public need to show what our collective power can manifest.

    • Kapil Movielover


  5. Shania Prabhu

    Boycott this movie……

  6. Karuna Khemani

    No..Never we don’t want to see them and why still thy r working also..We all have to show their real faces..Boycott..

    • LSCfan

      Salgay radhe biggest ban

  7. Raj

    awesome work. we will watch hollywood movies.


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