Will you watch this movie?


  1. रिपु मुंड भक्षी

    These Nepotism promoting gangs and their paid Movie reviewers r totally dung lickers
    these people openly advertised that Language used in sonchiriya is bundeli u wont understand it etc etc but when i saw it i understood it more than what i understood in Gully Boy with its lingo of bantai bacchi bamai
    boycott Bollywood and their reviewers like Rajeev

  2. Soumitra Mondal

    what a shit!!

  3. Shania Prabhu

    Flop movie…….

  4. Subendu Kolkata

    what a shit!!————–Faltu —-

  5. Rajeev kumar Verma

    It was a shame when they casted such a dump nepo paidaish no action skill idiotic actor to portray the role of a war hero like Gunjan Sexena… also the movie goes one step ahead and try to damage the image of IAF by showing them as anti feminist..
    Shame that such films are made in out nation that shames our defence forces who relentlessly safeguard us day and night. These people like Kjo and others do it knowingly to hamper the image of india in world on the approval from anti India elements


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